TV/Internet Game Listings in Canada

How to watch Rugby this weekend

After the excitement of what was a truly remarkable World Cup, anything else may seem mundane. However, whichever way you cut it, it’s business as usual for the next four years, but there is plenty of change and excitement in store for us. We have to apologize to not being able to provide as much coverage as we would have liked of late, but what with work and trying to fit all the World Cup action in we all got a little bit overwhelmed. Now it’s back to business as usual we’ll keep this page up to date with our weekly pick of what to watch and in the main body of the blog we’ll get back to mulling over the season ahead.

European Champions Cup

With the World Cup dominating proceedings in October, the regular opening two fixtures of the European Champions Cup which normally take place in October, were condensed into November/December. With the clubs’ international stars back from World Cup duty, expect sparks to fly in Europe’s premier Club tournament. The good news for us here in Canada is that DAZN has you covered. DAZN is an internet subscription based service costing $20 CDN a month. They have PRO 14, Six Nations and European Champions Cup action. DAZN has the majority of matches in the European Champions Cup and the Irish matches in the PRO14 as well as all of the Six Nations games and they are available live and on demand and the streaming quality is top rate HD. To subscribe to their service use the link below:

The full schedule of European Champions Cup matches this weekend on the same page as the above link if you scroll down to the bottom and fill in Rugby Union in the search box:

This weekend’s final round of the pool stages has a raft of mouthwatering fixtures for us to look forward to. If you don’t have a team you support then here’s our two picks of the weekend’s action. The action all gets started this Saturday, with Italy’s Benetton taking on Ireland’s barnstorming Leinster, who have already booked their spot in the playoffs. Our two picks of the weekend are on Sunday. First up is Saracens bid for the last two playoff spots as they take on France’s Racing 92 in North London. Second is the clash in the South of France between legends Toulouse and English side Gloucester who just won’t quit this season. There are various permutations for other teams still in the hunt for a playoff spot, see our weekly digest on the home page.

Saracens vs Racing 92 – Sunday, January 19th – 8 AM (Eastern) – DAZN (live and on demand after initial live airing)

Toulouse vs Gloucester – Sunday, January 19th – 1015 AM (Eastern) – DAZN (live and on demand after initial live airing)


General Internet Listings for following International Rugby

Our new YouTube favorite is Squidge Rugby. His highly entertaining and insightful videos on our glorious sport have become the The Lineout’s number one weekly YouTube go to location at the moment. The videos are well put together, have some fascinating insights into the topic being discussed and have a production value that is both highly amusing and ingenious. Well worth ten minutes of your time and more than likely to put a smile on your face over a cup of coffee and provide some talking points with your rugby mates. Here is a piece he did on the World Cup final and which we thought hit the mark rather well in breaking down how the game unfolded. Get behind his work and help this excellent content to continue.

Here’s the link to his channel:

One of the most comprehensive site for International Rugby news is without doubt Planet Rugby see link below:

For following the games if you can’t watch them either on the Internet or Television then they always have a very useful live tracking feature for all the big games, both for the Six Nations and Super Rugby as well as the World Cup. This allows you to get minute by minute updates on the games as they progress on either your computer or smart phone. If you’re on the road, this is a fabulous tool and best of all it’s free, along with their excellent coverage of the world game, and discussion forums (but be prepared to be shot down in flames by some of the more die hard fans if they feel your opinions aren’t well founded). If you’re a rugby fanatic then it’s pretty easy to lose time on this website and well worth a weekly or daily visit.

Another source of excellent international rugby coverage especially for video is Ultimate Rugby. Its video coverage features highlights, interviews and other interesting tidbits of rugby trivia. Nicely produced and well worth spending some time at. It also has a live match tracker like Planet Rugby and one which you can actually post comments on as the action unfolds which is a nice feature.

Also for those of you interested in a Canadian rugby digest, the rugby blog in BC’s Province newspaper is a good source for news on all things Canadian rugby wise along with Patrick Johnston’s Try and Tackle podcasts.

Lastly, if you want to pick up on some genuine enthusiasm for our great game, we’re a fan of Gareth Mason on YouTube. A South African passionate about the game, his prodigious output on YouTube is always good fun and raises some good points. So check out the G-Man and give him your support.

For a contrasting opinion from New Zealand we also really like Two Cents Rugby on YouTube. An enthusiastic Kiwi fan who knows his players and probably has the most extensive rugby jersey collection on the net.

As for us here at The Lineout after a quiet spell since the World Cup we’ll be back with our end of year reviews and report cards over the holiday season. We’ll start off with our usual Tier 2 favourites Canada, Fiji, Georgia, Japan, and the USA and then into the Six Nations competitors including an update to our report card on Italy and lastly the big 4 from the Southern Hemisphere. All of which will lead us nicely into the New Year and preparations for the first big International Rugby event post the World Cup, the 2020 Six Nations!