What is The Lineout?

The Lineout is a blog focusing on International Test Rugby, aimed at providing a digest of the International game for a primarily Canadian audience.

What does it cover?

The Lineout covers the two major annual international Test rugby competitions for the top ten Rugby nations – The Rugby Championship for the Southern Hemisphere (Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa) and the Six Nations Championship for the Northern Hemisphere (England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales).
It also covers:

  • Summer and Fall tours by these countries in June and November
  • The Rugby World Cup, in its entirety, every four years
  • Canadian International Test matches
  • Some coverage of the two major annual international club competitions, as background to the development of their National Sides: The European Champions Cup in Europe and Super Rugby in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Now that professional rugby has a home in Canada with the MLR franchise the Toronto Arrows we’ll also be covering all of their home games.

Is it just match coverage?

In addition to the above mentioned match coverage and analysis there will also be regular information on where and how to watch the big games in Canada, via television or internet. There will also be occasional features on rugby travel and great places to watch the games in Canada and abroad.

Who writes the Lineout?

A rugby mad Canadian, frustrated by the lack of coverage of our great game in Canada, on a blog that sums up the thoughts of a bunch of blokes chewing over the week’s rugby over a couple of pints. I have been watching rugby for almost fifty years and used to play at high school. Am I an expert? No. Do I love the game? Yes.

Who do we support?

Any team that plays good rugby and embraces and upholds the values of our great game. We’ll be honest there is a predominant bias towards Irish and South African rugby in our midst because of collective backgrounds, but we also are huge fans of Argentina, France and Scotland as well as any underdog in any match. Naturally because this is a Canadian site we lend our rallying cry to the men from North of the 49th parallel whenever they go to battle. Bottom line though like we say – if any team plays good rugby we’ll sing their praises to the rooftops!

Is it open to comments?

Most definitely! Hopefully it can become a forum for discussion and analysis and generate greater interest in our beloved game in Canada and North America in general and for anyone else around the world who like our musings. See the above qualifier – the thoughts expressed in these pages are my own reflections on the game, from a passionate supporter. If you disagree fine but don’t troll.

When will it come out?

Time, work and family commitments permitting every week during the Test windows throughout the year.

Any questions?

Feel free to contact me at: rugbylineout@gmail.com

  1. MICK MCNEILL says:

    Great reviews! Just found your site, will follow it closely.


  2. Luis says:

    Congratulations from Argentina, great blog! We´re expecting a masive task this weekend for the pumas. In http://www.ratetheref.co.za you can read another point of view about our Poite


    • Neil Olsen says:

      Thanks for the encouragement Luis and all the very best of luck to Argentina tomorrow. I have the greatest admiration and respect for the Pumas achievements over the last ten years and am delighted to see them take their rightful place amongst the world’s elite rugby nations!


  3. AndrewL says:

    Hi Neil. Just found your site look forward to reading more as the RWC progresses. Shame that Kenya has not qualified..!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Neil Olsen says:

      Is this the legendary Andrew Little? If so great to hear from you. Kenya has always been competitive in the qualifiers and is likely to pip Namibia for the second African spot in 2019.


  4. As an Aussie living in Canada I’m stoked to find your site, well done!


  5. Neil Olsen says:

    Thanks mate much appreciated, spread the word to others stuck here in Canada’s rugby wasteland!


  6. David C says:

    Hi Neil

    Great coverage of the match between Scotland and Wales. But…you’ve got the wrong John down as Scotland’s captain. ‘Twas John Barclay, not John Hardie (he went off after 20 minutes or so with an injury to be replaced by Scotland’s Duracell bunny, Hamish Watson).

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Kylan Derson says:

    South African living in Canada here – DELIGHTED to find out about this site! Was directed here by the guys @ The 1014. Some great rugby coming up this weekend… This is the week we’ve all been waiting for in The Rugby Championship… should be the 2 best clashes yet. Looking forward to your preview / review. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Neil Olsen says:

      Thanks Kylan for the support and really appreciated the shout out from the 1014 – love their work. Yes definitely looking forward to the weekend, though have to admit the loss of Jaco Kriel for the Boks due to injury is a HUGE blow. Still time for Jean-Luc du Preez to really step up, and Kolisi needs to be much more visible than he was in the game against the Wallabies. Either way some great rugby in store this weekend. Sure like us though you are probably anticipating the match up between the ABs and the Boks in Cape Town next month, as THE match of the tournament. Enjoy and thanks again for the vote of confidence. Preview/review out Friday morning latest.


      • Kylan Derson says:

        Losing Jaco Kriel is disastrous… Bok’s breakdown was one of the few advantages (argueable, I know) they may have had over the AB’s… I can’t see that happening now. Jean-Luc du Preez needs to put in a game similar (if not better) to what Pieter-Steph du Toit did against the Wallabies last weekend. And you’re right – Cape Town is THE game on all our calendars. Wallabies NEED a win desperately, I think they’ll edge the Argies on Saturday… but I wouldn’t put money on it!

        Liked by 1 person

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