The Lineout’s Calls of the Week

Despite all the action going on in the Men’s game last week, there is little doubt that the highlight of the weekend was the Women’s World Cup Final. Quite frankly it was a game for the ages and New Zealand emerged worthy Champions over a brave and resolute English team who remained an exceptionally hardContinue reading “The Lineout’s Calls of the Week”

The Lineout Calls of the Week

So continuing on from last week’s change in tack with the Lineout’s way forward in terms of how we get our musings out, here is our second go at a weekly whip round of what got us talking. In many ways we were literally spoilt for choice with the start of the Autumn Internationals thisContinue reading “The Lineout Calls of the Week”

The Lineout’s week that was 17 – 23 October

So as mentioned over on the Podcast, we’re changing things up a bit this week and for the foreseeable future. With all the Rugby going on right now, Women’s World Cup, Autumn Internationals to name but a few big ticket items, we have to confess to be struggling to keep up. We barely have enoughContinue reading “The Lineout’s week that was 17 – 23 October”