A slight break, and then we’ll be back!

This is just a quick update as to what we plan to do, as you may have noticed we’ve been a bit quiet since the end of the June Test window. Yes there’s still lots to mull over from last month’s action which we have every intention of doing. However, our resident scribe is trapped in Florida on an intensive training course at the moment, so not much time to put pen to paper. What is coming up when he gets back though is:

  • Report Cards for the Six Nations competitors as they take a break for the summer after a long hard season;
  • A look at the knockout stages of this year’s Super Rugby and what it may mean for the upcoming Rugby Championship;
  • And yes most important of all a look ahead to August’s International action as we get ready for the Rugby Championship.

So we”ll be back later in the month.



Published by Neil Olsen

Passionate about rugby and trying to promote the global game in Canada and North America.

2 thoughts on “A slight break, and then we’ll be back!

  1. Well done Neil, hope the intense course goes well for you. I really think if Ireland can make their pressure count in tries, then, they can have a great World Cup.

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    1. Agreed and thanks. Definitely if Ireland can turn all that possession into 7 pointers instead of 3 pointers, then that would appear to be the missing link in their World Cup armory. They seem to have the depth issue for the most part worked out. There are still valid concerns around their depth at 9 and 10, as no Sexton and/or Murray and then all of a sudden they look a much different team, and much less assured. Would have preferred to see Carberry get more game time this year, but hopefully a season at Munster and next year’s Six Nations will address that. However, at 9 think there are still more questions than answers if Murray gets injured. But otherwise yes, Ireland can reflect on a job very well done in relation to becoming New Zealand’s main threat next year.


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